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Wearable sports sound-wear

Sports Headband Type Wearable Audio Device for Highly Active Movement

Fit your sound!

Run-up, with its headband design, frees you from discomfort and pain no matter how vigorously you move. 

Also, because of its flexible and comfortable fit, you will be able to experience the most comfortable feeling anytime and anywhere.

Not a Bone Conduction System,

It is Miniaturized Dynamic Speaker.

Precisely positioned to direct sound at you and away from everyone else.

Haven't you been suffering from existing products that always fall out of your ears? Or even losing them?

If you never want to encounter these situations again, trust Run-up's  headband design which fits well on any head size. Run-up is a fit sports sound-wear which never leaves or falls away even if you move dynamically.

Keep moving and carry on

Feel the Fittest

Flexible & Comfortable Fit

To fit everyone comfortably, we’ve redefined an audio device as a sound-wear and developed a new fabric material, ‘Coolexible-fit’.

With ‘Coolexible-fit’, you can easily put on or take off Run-up. Also, it fits well on various head sizes for all-day comfort.

After exercising, the sweaty headband can be easily detached, and then, you can do a simple wash to make Run-up clean.

Hear it is,with OPEN-EAR

Run-up is a new sports sound-wear with open-ear system.

You can recognize or prevent any accidents very quickly while you listen to music and have a phone call during outdoor activities.

These two microphones help deliver your voice clearly to others even when running in noise.

One is for phone calls, another is for noise reduction when on the phone.

Dual Microphone System for clear phone calls
Easy Control

Each Run-up device has buttons which enable easy, one-handed functions.

High speed charger recharges Run-up very quickly. It only takes 10 minutes to play 1 full hour.

With magnets built in both Run-up and charger, devices can be easily connected to charger.


While a new generation of Qualcomm® bluetooth chipset, each device pairs with powerful Bluetooth 5.0 TWS(True Wireless Stereo) technology.

Fit your sound!


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