A brand new sports sound-wear


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Fit your sound!

With a new design, and user experience.

For great activities while listening to music, having not only high quality sound, but also taking comfortable fit to be held with your ears or head would be the most important factors to enjoy on it perfectly.

Are you really into activities while listening to music?

No, I never think so!

Let us introduce a new sports sound-wear 'Run-up' shaped as a sports headband and based on wearable audio device.

Now, take off the earphones and headphones disturbing you.

Then, wear a brand new product to perfectly several problems.

Haven't you been suffering from existing products that always fall out of your ears? Or even losing them?

If you never want to encounter these situations again, trust Run-up's  headband design which fits well on any head size. Run-up is a fit sports sound-wear which never leaves or falls away even if you move dynamically.

Keep moving and carry on

Want to be more stylish?

You deserve to look more stylish!

These days, many sports items are designed to be sleek and stylish, so your audio device should be too!

The Run-up has a compact design compared to other products. Wear Run-up!

Then your sports look will be way cooler!

Detach, and attach

It's okay to get sweaty much.

After exercising, the sweaty headband can be easily detached, and then, you can do a simple hand-wash for your band!

Always use it like a new one!

The better band, Coolexible-fit

To make headband fit to everyone and every size comfortably, we've continuously developed a fabric material.

‘Coolexible-fit’ helps you not only have a soft and comfortable feeling, but also sweat absorbing, super fast drying and cooling.

Hear it is,


Run-up is a new sports sound-wear with open-ear system.

You can recognize or prevent any accidents very quickly while you listen to music and have a phone call during outdoor activities.

Dynamic Transduce System

Not Bone-conduction system!

We developed Dynamic Transduce System(DTS).

This has much more superior sound quality than bone-conduction system which has weakness on low-mid frequency.

Easy Control

The Run-up has three buttons on each device which enable functions control.

You can pair the Run-up with your smart phone, also adjust the volume and choose musics you want to listen even you are moving dynamically.

In addition, when you get phone call, it's so easy to answer or reject by clicking a power button.

Being free from wires

We are applied Qualcomm’s chipset, each device can be paired with Bluetooth5.0 True Wireless Stereo technology and the bluetooth connection has became strong.

Long playing time and quick charging

You can enjoy the music for almost 6 hours!

We applied a special circuit and program by Varta, and then you can charge your Run-up very quickly.

10minutes charging to play for 1hour.

Dual Microphone System for clear phone call

Two microphones are built-into Run-up.

One is for phone calls, another is for noise reduction.

These microphones let you receive phone calls easily and help deliver your voice clearly to others even if you are running in noisy surroundings.

Fit your sound!


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