Fit your sound

Every user’s ears and head is totally different!
Let’s remember when you enjoyed running, jogging, riding and any other sports.
Run-up is shaped as a sports headband, so it doesn't bother you. When you're on the dynamic movement.
Because it has a flexible & comfortable fit!
You will be able to experience the perfect comfortable fit anytime, anywhere you want.

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Comfortable fit

To fit everyone comfortably, we’ve redefined an audio device as a sound-wear and developed a new fabric material, ‘Coolexible-fit’.

With ‘Coolexible-fit’, you can easily put on or take off Run-up.

Also, it fits well on various head sizes for all-day comfort.

After exercising, the sweaty headband can be easily detached, and then, you can do a simple wash to make Run-up clean.

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Super secure fit

KEEP MOVING and CARRY ON earphones fall out of your ears while dynamic movement.

If you never want to encounter these situations again, trust Run-up's headband design which fits well on any head size.

Run-up is a fit sports sound-wear which never leaves or falls away even if you move dynamically.

Open ear system

HEAR IT IS, with OPEN-EAR Can you awareness the situation surroundings you after you've plug one's ears?

Keep your ears open to maintain awareness of your surroundings at all times.

Now, you can sense and prevent any accidents very quickly while listening to music or having a phone call during outdoor activities.

So, it would be safer to wear Run-up than regular earphones or headphones that block sound from entering your ears.

Changeable band

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RUN-UP band are easy to detach, so that you can easily change&wash the headband anytime you want.

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Fit your sound!


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